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Deloitte SEA Partners' Conference 2023

Client: Deloitte

Project Title: Deloitte SEA Partners’ Conference 2023


Deloitte Southeast Asia comprises Deloitte practices operating in ten countries in the region, which were established to meet the demands of intra-regional and rapidly growing companies and enterprises.

Comprising over 500 partners and 13,000 professionals, the subsidiaries and affiliates of Deloitte Southeast Asia combine their technical expertise and deep industry knowledge to deliver consistent high quality services to companies in the region.


The 2023 Deloitte’s Southeast Asia Partners’ Conference marked the seventh time Click2View had been commissioned to produce event videos for the occasion. But this time, on top of the usual opening and closing videos, we were also commissioned to produce another two videos. 

One video commemorated Deloitte’s achievement of reaching their revenue milestone of becoming a US$1 billion organisation in Financial Year 2023. The other one was a corporate social responsibility (CSR) video highlighting Deloitte’s attention to humanitarian causes in the region, and the impressive efforts of the firm to support them.

All videos would be tied together by the theme “Honour the Past, Respect the Present, and Lead the Future”. This was coined by the newly appointed Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Chairman, Eugene Ho. 


Artur Akhmetzyanov described the creative partnership with Deloitte as: “With Deloitte, it’s usually an iterative process, and a case of close co-creation where their marketing and communications teams are actively involved shaping some of the visual direction and voiceover narration.” 

Artur noted that the creative process this time was more turbulent, due to circumstances such as the change in leadership at Deloitte and new stakeholders.

In response to this, Animation Director and Lead 3D Motion Designer Ruslan Sergeev gave extra consideration to the change in working style and shortened production timeline, and worked with the team to ensure that critical thematic decisions were accurately incorporated into the early stages of video production, and throughout the challenging feedback process as well.

While the opening video utilised 3D animation to deliver the key messaging, the closing video instead employed cultural references and used a grainy Super 8 texture for some of the footage to emphasise on the company’s dedication to honour tradition. 

The US$1 billion milestone congratulations video was a compilation of Deloitte leaders congratulating Deloitte Southeast Asia on the achievement, while the Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) video’s narrative was guided by kinetic text-on-screen and music, alongside client assets displaying their dedication to sustainability.


The client was very happy with all four videos, and were particularly grateful for the strong partnership forged between Deloitte and C2V over years of collaboration for the conferences.

They also thanked the C2V team for their ability to accommodate quick changes to the direction, as well as creatively implement these changes into new ideas that would better support the key messaging. 

Artur said, “This is a story of us building and nurturing a relationship for years, that culminated with us being commissioned for the biggest ever multi video content package. Previously, it was typically us producing the opening and closing videos; for a few years. Then they commissioned us to do a Chairman’s video, a CEO’s video, and this was the first year when they thought, hey, let’s do more. They had just the right content to feature with the US$1 billion revenue milestone too.”