Gold for Visa Solo Traveller

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Meet the content advisors

Creating content magic with a team of specialists

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Cisco Annual Security Report: Instavideos

Click2View makes a 60-page security report interesting with the use of animated Instavideos.

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GroupM: Recruiting talent

Click2View makes data cool and attractive for a recruitment video for global media company, GroupM

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Watch our reel for 2016

Have a look at some of the cool sights and sounds of the last 12 months

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Google Developer Stories

Join Google and Click2View as we meet the app developers changing the face of Android across Asia

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Join Visa and Click2View on a journey of discovery as we explore the growing trend of female solo travellers in Asia


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Click2View: Content In Motion

Founded by journalists, populated by content creators, Click2View has content in its DNA and a unique process by which we impart that DNA to our clients 

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Click2View is an award-winning content marketing agency that works with brands and corporates across Asia Pacific to strategise, create and amplify compelling content that moves audiences. Be moved at

our approach


Content strategy is about putting objectives before assets and audiences before egos. It’s about answering these key questions before you embark on creation:

  • WHO do you want to reach? (Audience)

  • WHAT do you want to discuss with them? (Message)

  • WHERE do you want to reach them? (Channels)

  • WHEN do you want to reach them? (Context)

  • HOW do you want them to respond? (Outcomes)

  • WHY is that important to your brand/company? (Purpose)

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With a sound understanding of your Audience, Message, Channels, Context, Outcomes & Purpose our content team can deliver compelling concepts and treatments that our production team will turn into stories, visuals and videos using our in-house talent and technology to ensure a consistent quality outcome, every time.

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If a tree falls in the woods but no one hears it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if you publish your content online but no one sees it, does it make an impact? The first question has befuddled philosophers for centuries, the second question not so much. Content without an audience is wasted, which is why we recommend a publishing, promotion and paid media plan to ensure you are extracting as much tangible value from your content as possible.

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Click2View is a multi-cultural, multi-talented, multi-disciplinary team of creative professionals with a passion for storytelling and content creation.  We believe creatives are for life not just for projects and employ full time filmmakers, writers and designers so that they may grow and flourish with us.


Creativity is at the core of our being and Singapore is at the core of our market, which is why we champion local talent from across Southeast Asia and celebrate ALL the holidays!  Join us and let’s celebrate Samoan Driving Side Switch Day together (it’s a thing, seriously, Google it).


If you’re looking for content or maybe just a coffee or a craft beer (we have our own y’know, it’s called Click2Brew!) then get in touch.

+65 6221 3395 (Line 1) or +65 6221 3390 (Line 2)
78 Amoy Street , #04-00 , Singapore 069897

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