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Incorporate These Two Ingredients into Your Content

Why consistency and persistence matters?

April 6, 2022

It might sound pretentious, but it is often said that to be successful, you first have to act the part. Success begets success, and that’s been the story of our newsletter Content Weekly; yes, all 200 editions of them. We’ve come to realise just how far the simple act of showing up at the same time, at the same place has taken us, and even in a dynamic and erratic world like content marketing, this precept continues to hold true.

The need for consistency 

Our blog is published every Wednesday, and our Content Weekly newsletter every Thursday. Our audience has come to expect new content from us like clockwork, and this strong relationship speaks to our image as reliable and trustworthy. This is after all our chance to share a sizzle reel of the latest content on our blog, complete with a link to seal the deal. Alongside this, we include some of the latest marketing news bits and videos that we’ve looked at in the past week. The upcoming 200th edition is one of the reasons why we want to write a piece on consistency and perseverance. We are proof that consistency is key in content marketing.

We didn’t get it right the first, or second, or third time around; it took us a fair bit of experimenting before we landed on the consistency that was just right for us. Not long ago, we tried to send our content in a fortnightly manner with a longer summary of our blog without the news bites, and only the videos we looked at over the past week. It didn’t sit well with our readers as engagement rates dropped dramatically. Once we realised this, we pivoted back to our tried and true Content Weekly format.  

Producing valuable content consistently goes hand-in-hand with the frequency of its publication. No matter how valuable your content is, it will fail to gain traction if you produce it sparingly. Imagine a TV show that does not have a consistent time slot every week; it will not be able to sustain a sizable audience in the long run, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets cancelled. The same principle applies to the ways in which you push your content. 

Yes, in today’s fast-paced world, it may seem that consistency and perseverance are put on the back burner as businesses are distracted by the novelty of the latest trends. Remember, though, that doing so without a strong foundation may backfire in the long run. Most customers value consistency and good content, which is achieved over time. Research has shown that this bond of trust takes anywhere from a year to 18 months to form. 

The truth is advertising doesn’t hold the power it once did. Nowadays, people realise that advertising is not beneficial to them; it’s mostly aspirational, whereas content marketing provides value, giving them relevant information that may benefit them.

Consistency meets perseverance

It’s an open secret that getting to the top of your industry calls for grit, perseverance, and consistency. A one-off approach won’t cut it. A content marketing strategy will not result in instant or overnight success but sustainable growth over the long term. 

Established brands like Starbucks, Google and Nike started small and grew over time, before eventually becoming a leader in their respective fields. Meanwhile, getting people to subscribe to our newsletter is not a once-and-done process but a continuous journey filled with trial and error and persistence.

Regardless, you need to remember that your audience might forget about your brand if you’re not persistent enough to put your brand at the front of their minds. They will also not hesitate to find alternatives if your brand doesn’t keep its promise.
So, having a consistent and persistent brand image is non-negotiable to surviving in today’s competitive landscape. Over time, we’ve discovered what works for us. We blog about everything that relates to marketing, including videos, written editorials, or even podcasts. We share insights, best practices, and our experience to establish our expertise and our audience learn something useful in the process. It’s a symbiotic relationship that will continue to pay off for our audience and ourselves for the next 200 editions of our newsletter, if not more.

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