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Your Stories, Your Journeys Video Series

Client: PropertyGuru

Project Title: Your Stories, Your Journeys Video Series


PropertyGuru Group is Southeast Asia’s pioneering and most trusted property technology company. Revolutionising the property ads market, PropertyGuru took property search online and opened up a whole new realm of opportunities for the real estate industry.


Traditional property marketing often falls short of resonating with today’s discerning audience. PropertyGuru embraces a different approach. Their “Your Stories, Your Journeys” series features compelling narratives woven around real people’s house-hunting experiences. This cinematic storytelling transcends mere property showcases, fostering a deeper emotional connection with the platform and positioning it as an integral part of the home-finding journey.


Our journey with PropertyGuru’s “Your Stories, Your Journeys” began with a simple question: how do we capture the essence of real-life house-hunting in a way that feels fresh and authentic? We thought we had the answer but wanted to make sure. Thus, a proof-of-concept video shot using smartphone cameras. This low-fi approach allowed us to demonstrate the series’ flow and potential.

Once the concept received the green light, PropertyGuru’s vision became clear: a cinematic experience, far removed from the typical home tour. To achieve this, we invested in high-speed cinematic lenses. These not only delivered stunning visuals in natural lighting but also enabled a lean crew, staying budget-conscious without compromising quality.

Kartini Deffahry, Creative Lead for this project, said that what makes a house a home wasn’t about square footage or fancy finishes. As she explored, she realised it wasn’t the trendy grey walls or sleek kitchen that mattered, but the little, personal touches – the mismatched photos, the quirky trinkets. These “organised messes” as she called them, were anchors, whispering stories of the profiles and their homes.

“These hidden pockets of joy become my anchor points during interviews. While the usual questions about home acquisition are covered, it’s a secret weapon I pull out later: ‘Are you happy here?’ Then, amidst the mundane details, they reveal the little treasures that spark their happiness. Those become my true focus,” she explained.

This newfound understanding became the guiding light for our video profiles. Kartini delved beyond the polished renovations and picture-perfect families, seeking the true heart of each home. Her questions shifted, focusing on the happiness hidden in everyday moments, the tiny treasures that brought smiles and grounded lives. It was in these unguarded snippets, captured with a keen eye for joy, that the real stories unfolded.

Our pilot episode, and those to follow, promised to be more than just house tours. They were journeys into the soul of a space, celebrations of the little things that make a house truly a home. And it all started with a homeowner’s introspective question, a reminder that sometimes, happiness lives in the most unexpected corners.

While faced with the challenges of technical production, Kartini emphasises the intricacies of shooting in 8K for cinematic storytelling. “The context of 8K is crucial for storytelling in movies. In a 4K setting, you face challenges when trying to punch in for close-ups. It’s not as simple as bringing the camera closer; you must adjust lighting to maintain the desired framing and emotional impact,” she said.

Shooting in 8K resolves this, enabling extreme close-ups without compromising quality. Her goal is to bring cinematic quality into corporate messaging videos. To achieve this, she delves into the complexities of camera systems, lens understanding, and data management in the editing process. Ultimately, her research and commitment aim to uplift the production quality of the work.

In essence, this project was about elevating the home-hunting experience beyond the mundane. And through careful planning, strategic investment, and a commitment to storytelling, we believe we achieved just that.

You can see the first two episodes below and watch the remaining episodes here.


Our collaborative effort resulted in a six-episode video series that resonated exceptionally well with PropertyGuru, as evidenced by the fact that two episodes reached over 40K views.  To amplify their marketing strategy, the series found a prominent place on their official YouTube and Instagram channel.