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World Bank Comedy Sketch Video

Client: UR Asia World Bank

Project Title: Understanding Risk Asia 2021 Comedy Teaser Video Series


UR Asia World Bank and Click2View began their working relationship in 2021, and this project is our inaugural collaboration with them. 


UR Asia World Bank approached Click2View to produce teaser videos as part of their pre-event launch communications. They planned to drive event registrations and kick off the Understanding Risk Asia 2021 event with a series of comedic sketches that would poke fun at people returning to the workplace after nearly two years in isolation and zoom calls.

The client wanted to cast local sketch comedy artists in the 4-part video series, and the videos would also be made available for viewing on YouTube and Facebook as well as shared via email newsletter blast in the client’s database.


Based on the client’s parameters, we began thinking about casting for the videos, and also about the story beats for the narrative. We zeroed in on the difficulties of collaborating via zoom calls, but also the conveniences and things people could get away with when working at home. 




Coincidentally, comedy happens to be right up one of Click2View’s partners’ alley. Artur Akhmetzyanov took charge of writing, directing and producing the teaser video series. We eventually decided on setting the narrative in a professional meeting space in a sleek office, with various features of the work-from-home lifestyle returning to haunt the characters even whilst they are physically in the office.





The client loved the final product, and Mark Zuckerman from The World Bank commented that “Everyone loves the work. Congratulations! You guys delivered and we’re all very happy.” The video series were used on social media and worked exceptionally well in driving registrations, and played at the event to very positive reception.

When asked about his reflections on the project, our partner Artur said “I do stand-up comedy part-time so I am always excited when our clients come to us with a brief for a comedy genre. It was a challenging project with a tight timeline so we had to exercise creativity within the limitations. It was great to work with a few of my comedy comrades and talented actors. The crew worked hard on the day and the client was very engaged and supportive during the filming.”

You can find the videos here:






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