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Video Charity Support with Park Bench Deli

Client: Park Bench Deli

Project Title: Cardboard Heroes


Despite Singapore’s affluence and high rate of employment, there are still people in need of a little help. A charity called Happy People Helping People helps impoverished and maligned elderly people.

One supporter of the Foundation is Aamir Ghani, owner of Singapore sandwich shop Park Bench Deli in Telok Ayer. Outside Park Bench Deli every evening a “cardboard uncle” sets up a trolley and collects used cardboard, which he then carts off and sells to be recycled.


Inspired by this elderly man, Aamir planned an event in aid of Happy People Helping People and engaged Click2View to help him cover and promote the event with a range of content.

Aamir also partnered with Cheek By Jowl, a Michelin-star restaurant on Boon Tat Street and the Obey clothing brand.


A micro-documentary series of profile videos documenting the lives of Singapore’s cardboard collectors called “Cardboard Heroes”.

The goal was to raise public consciousness around marginalised elderly people in Singapore – an issue which isn’t widely discussed.

With a small crew, Click2View identified three characters to feature in the series and shot and edited the videos within a week. They were then distributed to the Foundation to be rolled out over social media.


The videos were very well received on social media where they were posted by Happy People Helping People, with one video reaching 13,000 views in a few days. There were some negative “troll” comments, which highlights the prejudice that the Foundation battles with in Singapore. Some small segments of society still persecute the poor, which is precisely the type of negativity the series aimed to combat.

Aamir from Park Bench Deli and all the partners, together with the cardboard collectors themselves, enjoyed the series and the general feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Check out the videos for yourself.