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UPS Brokerage APAC

Client: UPS

Project Title: UPS APAC Brokerage capabilities


UPS is one of the world’s largest companies that provides a broad range of integrated logistics solutions for customers in more than 220 countries and territories. Click2View’s working relationship with UPS has been long-standing, and we have helped them produce a wide range of content; from story mining projects to warehouse virtual tours and even animated videos.


UPS approached us to make an integrated campaign that includes six leaflets and a video. The content covers what UPS Brokerage services offer and how it helps businesses simplify their customs clearance process and stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest laws and regulations. Features to highlight include its one clearance system across the whole of APAC, UPS’s tailored customs consulting service (TradeAssist), and its Enhanced Web Shipping (EWS) Tool.

The content is meant to update a similar output from more than a decade ago.


As this is an explainer video, we opted to embrace the animation route since it is a proven way to show and explain the capabilities of a service or product, and UPS Brokerage is no exception. UPS wanted an explainer video similar to the “ESG / Be Unstoppable” video that we did previously; a dynamic motion graphics video with vibrant colours and kinetic typography, smooth and snappy transitions, punchy sound effects, and an engaging voiceover.

We were tasked with providing an end-to-end service, meaning we were responsible for proposing the concept, script, storyboard and illustrations and delivering the whole nine yards. All in all, it took approximately 2.5 months to complete.

The video opened with the word “BIG” with entangled lines, visualising the voiceover, which quickly transitioned into the word “global” to emphasise the reach and experience of UPS. We then moved to the word “unstoppable,”  echoing the “Be Unstoppable” video: UPS is all you need to be unstoppable and conquer the world in new markets.

Next, we covered the features of Trade Assist, which helps businesses keep up with laws, regulations, and clearance quickly. Meanwhile, the Enhanced Web Shipping Tool helps companies ship faster by providing denied-party screening and commodity classifications. The service also enables customers to estimate their payable duties and taxes upfront.

The video ended by reiterating UPS’ commitment; to enhancing one’s supply chain with smooth and efficient customs clearance, so a global impact is made.

Regarding the leaflets, we were responsible for refreshing the layout and design to meet the new “Be Unstoppable” brand guidelines. The content was provided by the UPS team. The six leaflets covered the following topics:

  1. Efficient Customs Clearance with UPS Trade Assist

  2. WCO Harmonised System Codes 2022 Update

  3. Guide to Shipping Strategic Goods

  4. Unravel Customs Valuation with UPS (two styles)

  5. Navigate the Intricacies of Cross-Border Trade with UPS Customise Assist


The video was well-received and published on their socials, which can be seen here.

The original video was so successful that it was distributed across APAC, so localisations with subtitles for the Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Japanese, and Korean markets were required. Additionally, the UPS Brokerage team commissioned us to redesign more brochures.