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Telling unbranded stories of Amoy Street


Client: Click2View Originals

Project Title: Click2View Originals


We wanted a canvas to showcase our short-form storytelling and journalism in a way that highlighted our local area


Find interesting stories in the area around Amoy Street, Singapore and tell those stories in short videos.


We engaged the whole team to look for stories on Amoy and the surrounding streets. We started with Steve at the Jermyn Street barber shop down the bottom of Amoy Street. We’ve known Steve for a while and it’s great to see his business thriving. He had a really interesting story to tell about how he became a barber, after an initial foray into psychiatric nursing. Eventually, childhood memories of a classic old barbershop in his native Manchester won over and we now are fortunate enough to have him plying his trade in our neck of the woods.

The next story was on Swee Kee Eating House. Amoy street is a place where restaurants open and close regularly – we went looking for one of the longest running establishments. Swee Kee, which was founded in the 1930s at another location has been on Amoy Street since 1995. Cedric Tang, the owner’s grandson, told us the restaurant started in the 1930s and moved to Amoy Street in 1995 dining establishment. Long a favourite with visiting Hong Kong celebrities the restaurant operates very much like a family affair. We interviewed Ah Hoi, the head chef, who has worked there for 34 years, and Ah Kam, who has been a waitress at the restaurant for 22 years. All the interviews and research was done by our two interns Clara and Amanda. Engaging our trainee and junior staff in creating these films gives them exposure to the storytelling process and working in a collaborative way with our most senior staff.

Finally, we reported on one of the more unusual aspects of Amoy Street, the hilarious signs outside Spiffy Dapper, which is a cafe by day and a cocktail bar by night. Talk about lightening up your day first thing. You can check out the video here.


These videos perform very well when natively posted on LinkedIn. Our CEO Simon Kearney posts them on his personal account and they get around 5,000 views organically and up to 100 likes each time. These allow us to start conversations with people who like or comment. The reach extends well into the wider comms and marketing network and has high levels of recognition in our wider networks and with clients. We usually generate two or three qualified leads per video.