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Recovery Systems PR Project

Client: Recovery Systems

Project Title: Recovery Systems PR Project


Recovery Systems, a pioneer in recovery technology since 2016, is dedicated to the well-being of athletes and those focused on healthy ageing. Their innovative products are designed to support the body’s recovery process, improving muscle function, cellular health, and sleep.


The launch of Recovery Insights in February 2024 marked Recovery Systems’ ambitious move into the digital health space. The app, designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, promised a new level of personalised health management by leveraging artificial intelligence. However, introducing such an innovative tool required a PR strategy to capture the attention of a diverse audience and stand out in a crowded market.

Michael Lyons, CEO of Recovery Systems, sought a PR partner capable of crafting a compelling narrative around Recovery Insights. The challenge was to highlight the app’s unique features and its potential to revolutionise fitness routines, making it a story that would resonate with journalists and, ultimately, the users.


Our approach was to position Recovery Insights not just as a product but as a catalyst for change in personal health management. Jeko Reza, our Public Relations Consultant, recognised the potential to frame the app’s launch within a larger narrative. 

“A good story is always supported by solid data. The narrative we aimed to craft goes beyond just technology, we wanted to show the significant uptake of health tech among Singaporeans. This positions Recovery Systems in a prime spot to effect meaningful change within the health and wellness coaching market,” he said. 

With this insight, we decided to focus on three key elements:

  1. Targeted Storytelling: We identified health, fitness, and technology journalists who would appreciate the innovative aspects of Recovery Insights. By tailoring our message to their interests, we ensured the story would not only be heard but also enthusiastically shared.
  2. Highlighting Unique Benefits: Recovery Insights stands out as a Progressive Web App (PWA), combining the best features of native apps and web applications. We wanted to showcase the unique benefits of this app for the fitness-focused audience, along with user-friendly features like push notifications and Bluetooth access, and the ability to provide instant, personalised recovery insights. 
  3. Data-Driven Narrative: We supported our story with data, noting that a significant percentage of Singaporeans are open to using health technology. This approach underscored Recovery Systems’ commitment to meeting the evolving needs of fitness enthusiasts and athletes, reinforcing the app’s relevance and potential impact.

The pitch process was well planned and efficiently executed. Using Telum’s search features, we built a targeted media list and used Media Request to find the right journalists. Our pitches were personalised, highlighting the relevance of Recovery Insights to each journalist’s beat and audience. This ensured our story was not only delivered but also embraced by the media.


The PR campaign achieved positive results, with Recovery Insights featured in notable media outlets such as cxpose.tech, Scribbling Geek, The Peak, and The Active Age. This coverage significantly raised the profile of Recovery Insights, demonstrating our ability to engage and captivate the media even as newcomers to the PR field.

Michael praised the campaign’s impact: “The C2V team’s strategic approach to content-driven outreach was instrumental in bringing Recovery Insights to the forefront. Their collaboration has been invaluable, showcasing their deep understanding of our audience and the media landscape.”