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Queensland Youth Orchestras PR Project

Client: Queensland Youth Orchestras

Project Title: Queensland Youth Orchestras PR Project


The Queensland Youth Symphony (QYS), is the premier ensemble of the Queensland Youth Orchestras (QYO), and has long been a beacon of musical excellence in Brisbane, Australia. With a rich history of fostering young talent, the QYO, based at The Old Museum in Bowen Hills, has cultivated a community of 560 musicians across eight ensembles, ranging in age from eight to 25.

QYO’s commitment to world-class orchestral training under the tutelage of esteemed conductors has been instrumental in nurturing not just musicianship but also a deep-seated appreciation for music. This dedication has propelled QYO to the international stage, with its 14th tour commencing at the iconic Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore and spanning cities in Austria and Germany back in November 2023.


Geoff Rosbrook, General Manager of QYS, reached out to us to spearhead the PR campaign for the concert in Singapore. The objective was clear: secure coverage on the radio station Symphony 924. The overarching goal of this PR initiative was to boost ticket sales and amplify awareness about the concert.


In our pursuit of excellence in PR, we started by understanding why QYS choose Singapore for their performance. “Singapore wasn’t just a random choice. We see it as a symbol of their dedication to breaking boundaries with the universal language of music. That’s a story that could potentially pull the interest of journalists,” said Jeko Reza, Public Relations Consultant for this project.

We created a narrative around the QYS’s musical repertoire, highlighting its reflection on Singapore as a maritime hub. Notable pieces include Debussy’s “La Mer,” a musical portrayal of the sea’s beauty and power, and “Pictures at an Exhibition,” an orchestration by Ravel, taking the audience on a vivid journey through paintings by Victor Hartmann.

“We thought the choice of these pieces shows QYS’s commitment to not just showcasing top-notch music, but also creating an experience that captures the spirit of Singapore,” said Jeko.

The concert repertoire had been masterfully performed by the orchestra in Brisbane earlier this year. To further enhance the story, we emphasised the strong connections between the orchestra and Singapore. This connection is exemplified through their collaboration with Prof. Tze Law Chan from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, a conductor and academic with significant ties to Australia, especially in the realm of youth music.

As part of our pitch, we got in touch with Symphony 924 and shared our idea for a story. They liked it and were excited to explore how we could turn this into a radio interview on the show Lunch Treats, hosted by Amanda Zhu.

Geoff Rosbrook, Music Director, and Simon Hewett, Conductor, at QYS, were chosen to speak. We planned the interview in a way that Geoff would talk about his collaboration with Prof. Chan back in Singapore, while Simon would discuss the music selection.

Simon also explained why he invited didgeridoo player William Barton to perform in Singapore, adding an interesting twist to our story. This way, we were able to tell a complete and engaging story that captured the essence of the music.


The Queensland Youth Symphony (QYS) showed their appreciation with our efforts, which led to a spotlight in this interview on Symphony’s Lunch Treats. For an auditory experience, you can listen to the interview here.