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Prudential Pursue Influencer Video — Tan Zi Xi

Client: Prudential

Project: Pursue Influencer Video (Culture)  — Tan Zi Xi


Built around several different passion pillars, Pursue is a content hub by Prudential with curated financial and life advice for their Emerging Affluent (EA) audience. The content hub offers insights into how financial proficiency can help bridge the gap between their passions and goals, with an emphasis on holistic wellness. 


The second of a three-part influencer video series from their ongoing content retainer, this instalment was intended to fit under their Culture passion pillar.

Instead of having a single 2-3 minute video like we did previously, the team wanted to experiment with having three short videos of a minute each.

These would be uploaded onto Prudential’s and the influencer’s Instagram handle. They would also be published on YouTube as well as on the Pursue site with an accompanying article. Similarly, this article would cover additional points that were not addressed in the video.

RESPONSE (incl. links)

Based on the profile provided by the Pursue team, we shortlisted a few different prominent figures in the local arts/culture scene based on their background and reach. Eventually, we narrowed it down to multimedia artist Tan Zi Xi.

Apart from doing basic background research into her career and any past endorsements she’s been involved in, it was also important for us to understand her as a person before we were able to craft a story and video concept that would best represent her.

With a virtual pre-interview session with her, we dug deep to find out more about her passion for the arts, what she hopes to achieve with her life’s work and how she manages her finances as someone who works based on commission. 

She is an artist, and it’s only right that we capture her as such. She actually painted a simple watercolour piece while the cameras were rolling, and hence many of the scenes feature her at work. 



Here are the videos:


The accompanying article can be found on the Pursue site here while the Instagram post on Zi Xi’s handle is here.