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Porsche World Roadshow 2018


Client: Porsche Asia Pacific

Project Title: Cinematic event promo video for Porsche World Roadshow in Sepang


The Porsche World Roadshow is an international driving event that exposes the participants to the thrill of experiencing the full Porsche model range. From February 28 to March 11 2018, Porsche Asia Pacific hosted the Porsche World Roadshow 2018 in Sepang, Malaysia. More than 330 Porsche enthusiasts across the Asia Pacific region had the opportunity to get behind the steering wheel and drive on the Sepang International Circuit.


Create a cinematic event promo video with highlights of the Porsche World Roadshow to generate excitement and awareness about the event.


Over two-day shoot, we produced an audio-visual romp, with a ‘pack’ of new Porsches hunting for drivers, as well as sound design mixing in the various sounds of the engines with thunderous hooves and straining snarls of different beasts. At the climax of their run, they stop in front of a single man in a race suit on the track, weary but impressed with their power.


Watch the video and see some of the highlights of this year’s Porsche World Roadshow.



Video was published on Porsche social media and featured in auto publications, driving awareness and promoting the next year’s event.

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