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CooperVision 2021 Myopia Symposium Opening Video

Client: CooperVision

Project Title: CooperVision 2021 Myopia Symposium Opening Video



CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses, producing both spherical contact lenses as well as specialty lens products.

They also have a strong heritage of advocating for proper eye care and raising awareness on common eye conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia, and childhood myopia.


As the leading solution provider for people with eyesight problems, CooperVision held a myopia symposium to provide leading experts and attendees with a platform to discuss the latest treatments and solutions to combat myopia. 

CooperVision approached us to assist them in creating an emotive 30 to 60 second opening video for the event. The main idea of the video is to convey that myopia progression can be slowed or even stopped, especially when it comes to myopia management for children.


To evoke an emotional response in the audience, we decided to develop a live-action video that demonstrates how it’s integral to our daily experience of creating, playing, and exploring the world. 

Telling the story in chronological order, we start with a scene of a mother as seen from her baby’s perspective.


The video then progresses to show the child growing up and partaking in various daily activities like playing basketball, seeing fireworks, or watching TV. However as he gets older, the scenes get blurrier, signifying that myopia symptoms often start from early childhood. 


We went through multiple revisions before agreeing on the storyline. After showing the impact of myopia in doing daily activities, we end the video on a hopeful and optimistic note with a hand pointing at sunrise, along with a voiceover that says, “You have the power to change this,” before the video closes with the words “Fight Myopia” appears across the screen.





The video was played at the event. Take a look here: