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Citigold 2020 and 2021 Annual Outlook

Client: Citibank

Project Title: Investment Opportunities and Challenges in a Post COVID-19 Recovery


Citigold is a banking product for the mass affluent. It is a private wealth service provided by Citi, a global bank with over 200 years of experience. Citi also advises people on how to invest and buy securities, such as bonds and stocks.


Click2View was tasked with creating a video of Citi 2020 annual outlook, and later, the 2021 annual outlook. However, due to the pandemic, restrictions were placed on filming.


The team came up with a way to work around the situation. Directed by our team, this video was filmed entirely at home by the respective speakers. We stitched the different segments together and added the effects to create a professional final cut. There were some challenges along the way, such as the set-up of the green screen, angling, and video quality, but we overcame them to produce a video that appeared to have been shot in a studio.

This opened up new opportunities for video production. As safe shooting measures are in place, being able to film remotely and separately instead of coming together might become  the future. Click2View is pleased to have come up with a better workflow for future projects with remote shooting.

Later, still subject to safe shooting measures, we used this workflow in the production of the Citi 2021 annual outlook as well.




The videos were a success, and were published on the Citi website as well as on their Facebook and Linkedin.



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