Duriman – Smell Her Happiness

You loved him, so he’s back! Yes, Duriman goes from strength to strength. As the campaign for Singapore’s answer to Old Spice gathers pace we at Click2View have introduced Duriman to an ex-pat girl and, well, the picture speaks for itself. Can’t you just smell [...]

A Fragrance for the Singaporean Man

We at Click2View think that the men of Singapore deserve a fragrance that is as distinct as they are. With the strong, masculine hues of the beloved Durian, the Duriman scent is sure to be a top seller. The development team at Click2View are so [...]

It’s Not “Video” You Want, It’s Content

Here at Click2View we don’t like to talk about video, we prefer to talk about content, motion content to be precise, because we think stories are more important than assets.  It’s great that video is moving from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ for marketers but [...]

Wearable Tech or Gratuitous Fashion References?

As a passive follower of the consumer tech world, last week my newsfeeds and various feeds of news were inundated with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The “next big thing” for 2014 seemed to be wearable technology, or #wearabletech as we must of course [...]

Why We Pay Our Creatives (And You Should Too)

Six months ago a young graphic designer came into our office to have a look at some promotional cards she had designed for us. The cards were to be used as hand outs at a conference to promote our agency. They were beautifully hand drawn. [...]

The Anatomy of a Viral

Don’t pretend you haven’t sat and wondered what it is that makes a viral. Why do certain things set YouTube alight and others disappear into the ether? Is there a magic formula that will make your idea fly into the millions? Well, perhaps.

Click2Brew: C2V Gets Its Very Own Craft Beer!

At Click2View we never miss an opportunity to demonstrate our personality. So when there was talk of us having our own beer this seemed like a perfect opportunity to do just that. The Beer Although we are a dynamic, daring and bold [...]