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Tag: social media

A guide to marketing on China’s social media platforms

Looking to break into the Chinese market? Here’s the lowdown on the biggest social media platforms in China right now. China is the biggest social media market in the world, with over 926 million social network users in 2020. If you’re looking to reach young Chinese, the usual Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t going to […]

August 12, 2020

Why digital amplification matters in your content strategy

In a competitive content marketing industry, organic traffic alone might not be sufficient to drive conversions these days — it’s time to amplify your content digitally. Hi, I’m Erik Magelssen and I’m the Digital Content Director at Click2View. The phrases ‘digital amplification’ and ‘social media amplification’ get thrown around quite often in the world of […]

August 5, 2020

The Rise of TikTok

Brands, it’s time to come on board the TikTok trend. Ever wondered what’s with the hype over the “Roxanne” dances? Or felt confused over the meme-ification of Fei Yu-Ching’s “Yi Jian Mei”? These are songs that went viral on TikTok, a short-form video app that has been gaining traction since 2018. TikTok is particularly popular […]

July 29, 2020

Social media won the internet, now it’s after retail

Shopping will only get better In 1994, a young entrepreneur named Dan Kohn sold a Sting CD over the Internet for $12.48, firing the first shot of an e-commerce revolution that’s still rocking the retail industry today. Last year, American brick-and-mortar retailers including Sears, Walgreens, Forever 21 and Gymboree closed more than 9,300 stores. Here […]

January 22, 2020

B2B marketing in Asia: What’s the right social media platform?

Social media is becoming a popular channel for B2B marketing. How do you best utilise these platforms? Finding the right social media platform for your business is always difficult; making it successful is even harder, especially for B2B businesses. Is it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, or Line?… Or a mixture of all? It’s important to […]

December 18, 2019