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SMBC Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

Client: SMBC

Project Title: SMBC Singapore Fintech Festival


SMBC Group is a top-tier global financial group headquartered in Tokyo. With a 400-year history, SMBC Group offers a diverse range of financial services, including banking, leasing, securities, credit cards, and consumer finance. 


SMBC approached us to create a booth experience for the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022. Featuring QR codes, interactive elements, and AR/VR technologies, it would showcase SMBCs involvement in the digital space and its efforts in simplifying complex business processes through investment, technology and processes that move operations towards a greener future.

We were involved in all aspects, from the booth designs, to the UI/UX experience of each interactive screen, the content and video creation to be displayed on the screens, as well as ensuring a good customer experience in the booth.


The booth design followed the colour scheme of SMBC — green was incorporated throughout. We identified 3 key factors that will drive this experience: 1) The attraction, 2) The content and 3) The takeaway. 

We created a video showcasing the uncertainty of the digital space that included the quick rise and fall of NFTs, entitled “A World in Motion.” The video functioned as an identifiable piece point to attract visitors to the booth.

While there was a sense of chaos and uncertainty, there was a sense of hope. This was conveyed in a second video we did — a branded video showing the values of SMBC in energy sustainability, improving supply chains with strategic partnerships, and product development in banking.

Aside from the videos, we also created two interactive experiences based on two pillars: green efforts and web 3.0 in SMBC. For the green effort pillar, users were taken into the journey of a supply chain process and how SMBC products and involvement at each stage of the process ensure a greener environment. 

Meanwhile, for the Web 3.0 experience, users were taken through a car purchase journey; what the consumer sees is just the surface. While buying an electric car reduces carbon emissions, that doesn’t mean that the processes the car company uses to get there are necessarily green and sustainable for the environment. We unpacked these processes and showed users where SMBC could help them. 

Lastly, we utilised NFTs for sake redemption at the end of each day. This was where users who visited the booth could try creating a digital wallet, mint an NFT that was unique to the sake, and redeem the sake with the newly minted NFT. 

All these assets were created to enhance the visitor’s experience in the booth.


The event went smoothly for all three days of SFF, and the client was so pleased with the efforts and expertise of our team that they invited us to a sumptuous lunch afterwards to acknowledge the success of the collaboration.