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Blog Pieces for Lanturn

Client: Lanturn

Project Title: Blog pieces for Lanturn


Lanturn is a technology based professional services firm catering to corporate and fund administration services. Founded in 2017, Lanturn has offices in Singapore, Cebu, and Manila. Lanturn has over 400 enterprise clients and is backed by some of Asia’s biggest venture capital firms.


Lanturn has integrated pure content marketing into its overall strategy. They want to provide insightful and valuable content to its audience. This content would help to build the company’s credibility and reputation, and gives it the opportunity to move the audience down the content funnel and convert them into customers. 

Lanturn approached us to help them develop content to establish themselves as a leader in the Singaporean professional services space, and become a trustworthy and go-to source for enterprises looking for solutions regarding fund management, accounting, compliance, reporting, payroll and more.


For this project, we decided to go back to basics, meaning focusing on the reliable blog. We worked closely with Mark Angelo Ching, Lanturn’s Digital Marketing Campaign Manager, to decide on the appropriate topics, ranging from business incorporation and fundraising to crypto and taxes. These articles were written based on SEO principles and keyword research.

A Trello board was created so that we could track the progress of each article and collaborate on possible different topics to cover. By having such a system, we could write the articles while Lanturn reviewed and published them consistently and get incoming queries and business opportunities.


The Lanturn Blog can be found here. “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Click2View. The team is passionate, attentive, and knowledgeable,” says Kirsty Tsang, Lanturn’s Head of Marketing. “They have helped us create content that is not only well-written and accurate but have also helped bring in valuable leads for our business.”

Our contribution has also improved Lanturn’s organic search ranking and brand awareness. For example, the various articles written on the topic of immigration in Singapore helped Lanturn gain high top 10 ranks in the SERPs for organic search keywords like “singapore pr application tips”, “tech pass”, and “short term visit pass singapore.” 

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