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AI Content Creation: The July 2023 Update

With over 1,500 AI tools unleashed in the last six months, we handpicked the cream of the crop.

July 26, 2023

Written by Jeko Iqbal Reza | Graphics by Megan Cortez

In the landscape of content production, AI has found its place. From data mining to automated content generation, we’ve witnessed the gradual integration of “classic” AI. But now, generative AI has brought the hype back with a bang since the launch of ChatGPT. And what’s more, there’s been an overwhelming flood of AI tools hitting the scene, catering to every content marketing need. We’re talking over 1,500 tools available and counting.

Let’s take a moment to assess where we stand. Are we at the peak of the AI hype? Nick Diakopoulos, Associate Professor at Northwestern University, shed some light on the subject during his keynote at the International News Media Association (INMA). He pointed out that AI’s involvement in the news media goes way back to IBM’s news summaries in 1958. 

Diakopoulos said, “Hype comes and goes, and now, with generative AI, we’re back at the peak. It’s time to separate hype from reality and uncover the true potential of this tech for our industry.”

Before this current AI craze Click2View was interested in the tech. We published a story featuring AI tools back in October 2022. Now, months later, we’re keeping up with the pace, refreshing the list.

We’ve left ChatGPT off this list. We assume our well-read and innovative audience will be fully across this amazing tool.

AI content tools in July 2023

There have been new AI content tools released recently, and these tools will not only help raise your content marketing game up to the next level but also supercharge your productivity in producing your very own content.


Altered: AI voice changer

So many AI tools claim to tweak voiceovers, but they’re mostly stuck in the kiddie pool. Altered is a voice editing studio that lets you transform your voice from their carefully curated portfolio.

You can even switch accents and add a dash of gravitas and charisma to your performance. It’s all conveniently packed into a single user-friendly application.

Lychee: Cut podcasts into short videos

According to podcastindex.org (June 2023), there are 4,099,175 podcasts worldwide. So, how can brands make their mark in this sea of audio? The answer is TikTok, where the next generation of consumers spend their time.

Lychee can scale your podcast through short-form videos for TikTok and such. Their technology, which uses OpenAI’s GPT-3, can identify the most exciting parts of your content.

Lychee even has visuals from AI-generated commercial libraries. To top it off, they personalise each scene using AI platforms like Midjourney. 

Beatoven.ai: Mood based music for videos

Finding the perfect track for your video can be a tough gig. Beatoven.ai offers advanced AI to cook up mood-based music that fits your content.

This tool gathers your preferences and whips up custom-made tracks tailored just for you. So your video hits the right notes and keeps viewers hooked. 

Image and Video

Photoshop AI: Generative fill to expand image

The recent viral creator videos showcasing popular albums were transformed using Adobe Photoshop’s newest AI feature: Generative Fill. With just a selection and a few prompts, they can create stunning results, borrowing this feature from Adobe Firefly. 

Generative Fill can also add shadows, reflections, lighting, and perspective. It can even combine images, expand angles, and generate captivating backgrounds.

Botika: AI-generated models

Botika can scale and localise your product photos with unlimited AI-generated models. With this tool, you can create a consistent brand experience that’s optimised for every market and item.

You can even transform your existing photos into endless hyper-realistic images. With just a click of a button, you can customise models based on facial expression, skin tone, hairstyle, background, and much more. Basically, you have a virtual army of models at your fingertips. (It’s not as creepy as it sounds.)

Luma: 3D models generator

Luma AI transforms the images your smartphone captures into realistic 3D models, just like those in video games. These assets are tailor-made for VFX applications.

You can whip up stunning 3D models in a flash (we’re talking 30 minutes) and on a budget. It’s a dream solution for online sellers looking to showcase their products or movie buffs crafting mind-blowing special effects.

Opus.ai: 3D objects for immersive storytelling

Opus.ai lets you take on immersive storytelling. Their AI-powered platform goes beyond the basics, leveraging Natural Language Processing to transform any literary style into 3D videos through computational production. We’re talking scenes, assets, characters, dialogue, and mind-blowing visual effects.

This toll is an ideal fit for scriptwriters, fiction writers, game developers, concept artists, illustrators, even musicians and sound artists. It helps them bring their scripts to life in any medium: video games, simulations, movies, the metaverse, and more.

Captions.ai: Caption creator 

Crafting captions for your content is tough, especially when writer’s block strikes and you’re desperate to connect with your audience. Captions.ai lets you customise, edit, and share them directly to social media in a snap.

It also boasts numerous unique features. It trims filler words like ‘hums’ and ‘uhhs’, eliminates background noise, fixes eye contact in post-production, enhances speech quality, and even lets you alter your lip movement to edit the content of your speech.

Topaz Video AI: Video quality enhancement

Topaz Video AI boosts video resolution and enhances display quality. Its technology autonomously edits each frame, ensuring seamless and natural visuals. It can also revive old and low resolution video footage.

This tool focuses on nailing key tasks: deinterlacing, upscaling, and motion interpolation. They’ve dedicated five years to perfecting their AI models, guaranteeing stunning results on real-world footage.


Zupyak: Search-optimised AI writer

Zupyak is the love child of ChatGPT and an SEO tool – resulting in a search-optimised AI writer.

With an AI-powered content platform, it can generate, optimise, and publish SEO-friendly content. You don’t need prior knowledge or pricey tools to create impactful content in seconds.

While you write, Zupyak conducts SEO research, giving you a faster path to higher rankings. Once your content is published, it ensures maximum impact by distributing it across various platforms.

Text Blaze: Text expander

Text Blaze saves text snippets as templates and assigns shortcuts that feel natural. Chrome integration allows you to type the shortcut and have the snippet instantly replace it, whether you’re in Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Salesforce, or anywhere else.

Automata: Content repurposing

Repurposing content is crucial for your content journey. But don’t be fooled, it’s no walk in the park. Each channel has its own style and unique audience, making it a challenge to repurpose effortlessly.

With 150+ input/output combinations, Automata transforms videos into articles, articles into Twitter threads, and case studies into newsletters (plus much more). They’ll even generate SEO-optimised blog posts for each video, and with their Autopilot feature, your YouTube channel can be repurposed hands-free.

Augment: Personal AI content assistant

Augment is a personal AI assistant for effortless content production. Think of it as ChatGPT, but customised to your needs and seamlessly integrated across all your favourite apps. 

It can automatically capture, condense, and remember everything that’s important to you – from native apps and web pages to meeting audio. 

Augment can even compose messages in your preferred tone and style, works within your go-to apps (Slack, iMessage, Gmail), and can provide automatic summaries of your Zoom or Google Meet meetings. 

Human touch still holds the key

Out of all the AI tools we’ve discussed, we’re firm believers that AI should be seen as a true collaborator. But as we’ve said before, even with AI in the mix, it’s the human touch that really counts. You need those brains to lay down the ideas, concepts, and strategic roadmap. 

Sure, AI cranks up productivity and serves up insights, but let’s not forget the real deal—us humans bring authenticity, empathy, and a good understanding of the human experience that breathes life and soul into the message.

When it comes down to it, all the content we whip up with these fancy AI tools is a testament to our own creativity. So let’s make sure we wield these tools ethically, transparently, and with style. The projects, stories, and plans we create are the building blocks of our reputation and legacy. Let’s guide and guard the AI we use with care.

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