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Brands Are Making a Big Splash as Subject Matter Experts

With the onslaught of AI tools, brands should be seeking expertise in a changing content game.

July 5, 2023

Written by Jeko Iqbal Reza | Graphics by Megan Cortez

In the world of content creation, the old formula of quantity over quality is losing its lustre. General information is widely available; readers are sifting through the deluge of mainstream content in search of valuable insider knowledge published by subject matter experts.

For brands to establish themselves as experts, they must tap into industry insiders’ expertise and deep understanding of their customers, and create specific, in-depth, and insightful content that genuinely strikes a chord.

The benefits of subject matter experts

Unlocking the potential of expert content goes beyond mere authenticity and quality. It’s a game-changer. Here’s why:

Delve into uncharted territory

By tapping into the subject matter expertise of content, you unearth exclusive insights that are hidden from other channels. This information can capture your audience’s attention and engage them effectively.

Rise above the rest 

In the vast realm of search engine rankings, subject matter experts-driven content reigns supreme. With its knowledge and one-of-a-kind perspectives, it outshines generic pieces, ensuring your online presence stands tall.

Streamline support

Give your busy support and sales teams a breather by utilising experts-driven content to address frequently asked questions. This time-saving tactic empowers your experts while satisfying customer inquiries.

Fuel the sales engine 

Craft compelling content that not only educates but also fuels a streamlined sales process. Let your expertise shine through, leading to a seamless customer experience that’s worth referencing.

Engaging the “busy” experts

While the theory seems straightforward, the real challenge lies in harnessing the attention of these elusive experts. Collaboration between content creators and the “gurus” of sales and product teams becomes paramount. 

In the B2B IT industry, where subject matter expertise is coveted, professionals in this field are deeply immersed in their work, leaving little room for content creation. Their solution? Embracing an interview-based approach that effectively captures their expertise in written form.

Wrapping up with the interview

In the interview process, content creators act as both interviewers and editors. They need to craft content that seamlessly blends expert insights with SEO finesse, delving into keyword research to ensure your content hits all the right search engine sweet spots. 

During this phase, they can use the power of AI tools to write, transcribe, and enhance visuals. But let’s be clear: AI tools are mere allies, supporting and streamlining the creative journey. Human input and review remain pivotal in the content generation process.

Last words

In a world inundated with generic content and fake AI news, brands should constantly embrace new strategies to stay ahead. By positioning themselves as subject matter experts, they can deliver value and captivate their target audience, like how we have helped our client, PropertyGuru, amplify the authenticity of their content on the PropertyGuru Tech Blog.

In the end, it’s not just about being engaging and informative; it’s about forging an authentic connection, so brands can navigate this landscape with creativity and expertise.

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