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World Economic Forum 2021

December 9, 2020

For the second time in its 50-year history, the World Economic Forum will be held outside Davos — in Singapore. What does this mean for us content marketers?

With the year we’ve just had, it would be great to see some cooperation amongst all nations in 2021. The first sign of this could come 17-20 August when Singapore hosts the World Economic Forum (WEF) — the first time the event will be held in Asia. Singapore was chosen over Switzerland because its COVID cases are relatively under control.

“The Special Annual Meeting 2021 will be a place for leaders from business, government and civil society to meet in person for the first time since the start of the global pandemic. Public-private cooperation is needed more than ever to rebuild trust and address the fault lines that emerged in 2020.” WEF chairman Klaus Schwab said.

What will the event mean?

For the content and events sector, the event will be a boon for businesses as large numbers of global CEOs usually converge, often bringing key clients and hosting many more events on the sidelines of the main show’s 400 or so sessions.

To give you an idea of the scale of attendance, this year saw 3,000 people from 117 countries — including 53 heads of state, more than 1,680 private sector leaders, 119 billionaires, 120 young leaders, 248 media leaders. Some 309 private jets were parked at adjacent airports around Davos — which doesn’t bode well for carbon cutting.

Countries, NGOs, corporations, and prominent individuals often use the event for major announcements in line with the event’s main themes to try and set and shape global, regional and industry agendas.

While the global pandemic will lead next year’s event, other topics include the environment, economics, technology, trade and more. Doubtless there’ll be a lot of talk about where the United States is headed. As such, there’s a lot of scope for different content topics; check out these long-form articles on ecommerce trends during the pandemic and a history of the world in five types of food.

Not one to be left behind, we are also preparing to have as much capacity in place for our clients, many of whom are WEF partners. We’ll also be collaborating with The Master Plan — our long-time events partner — to assist with hosting events for our clients.

A world of content

Some of the WEF subjects are tough to digest, and certainly controversial — think the US-China trade war, AI replacing humans, and the big tech vs finance race.

From a video perspective, the WEF itself is a master of communicating through its own content. They create a lot of short and engaging content that breaks down difficult subjects. Topics range from defining net zero emissions, what the COVID reset means for the world, and business tech advancements.

While still an in-person event, the Singapore Forum from 17-20 Aug will include a virtual element to allow for greater participation. In addition, a virtual event will also be held from Jan 25, 2021 to Jan 29, 2021 during the usual “Davos week”.

Based in Singapore, we’re definitely looking forward to being a part of the WEF content fever and you can be rest assured we’ll cover the latest and bring it to you direct, through our Content Weekly and Monthly newsletters. (Subscribe here if you haven’t.)

And now, for some fast facts of the Forum:

If you need help with content for this global cornerstone event please contact us at Click2View. www.click2view.asia

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