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When A Blog Is Just… Blah

May 7, 2014

Having a vibrant company blog can achieve great things: they can create an engaged community around your brand, they can tell stories that pull prospects into the fold, or increase your profile as a knowledgeable and value-adding thought leader. Having a great blog means that your customers are engaging with more than just your products and services, and that in itself is incredibly valuable.

As with the porcelain throne, it’s important to have an appropriate amount of regularity and a consistent quality level. But with busy work days that feel like they’re getting longer, it can often be a struggle to remain relevant, consistent and continue to provide your community with fresh content. The team at Click2View have been experimenting with some interesting ways that you can turn an uninspiring blog post into an engaging and shareable piece of content, and have 4 of our best tips below.

1. The Vlog

Read your blog aloud into a camera. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. We all know the power of video content, and if you can put a face, a voice and a personality to your opinions and thoughts, they are going to resonate more deeply with your audience. There are lots of ways to ensure that these consistenly both uphold your brand flavour and maintain a professional touch. At Click2View we have been producing a vlog series called ‘Extremely Content’ using varous members of our team, check it out.

2. The Listicle

I think the jury’s still out on whether ‘listicle’ is a real word, but there can be no doubt that they’re definitely successful. With ‘content sweatshops’ like Buzzfeed turning out posts laden with Reaction GIFs, it seems clear that this is an easy, entertaining and youthful way to get your point across. For example; take a look at Singapore’s own Obnoxious Expats or Click2View’s 9 Client Excuses For Not Paying On Time.

3. The Blog 2.0

A blog is often just text on screen (kinda like this one, I guess, but shhh). Sure, this can work, but it is 2014 and all of us need to up our game to create blog content that is not only both informative and entertaining but also beautifully presented. With online publishers upping their game with the innovative use of digital media (check out what the NY Times did for the Sochi Olympics), it is time that brands did the same with their corporate blogs. We’ve been keeping our eye on Microsoft’s great ‘Stories’ archive that turns editorial content into fully immersive storytelling experiences. Kudos to you Microsoft.

4. Vine & Instagram

Put on your millennial hipster hat and start making content out of your image and video snaps captured at your own events. A visual album showcasing one of your own events or speaking opps makes for a great post, and a series of fun vines are a fantastic way to share your thoughts on a trend. Click2View poked fun at all the #WearableTech references at February’s CES convention and created a short blog of Vines. When the ‘Obnoxious Expats’ spoke at January’s iamWednesday event the very awesome Lizi Hamer turned her tweets and instagrams into a fantastic summary using an application called Storify.

There you have it – 4 different ways to spice up your blog posts. We’re looking forward to seeing your creations soon!