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What is Employee Generated Content?

November 12, 2014

Employee Generated Content (EGC) is a Click2View methodology to create engaging and authentic content with your teams as the film-makers. The methodology is cost effective and most of all motivational for the teams participating. Here’s a short clip that tells you why EGC is important and what you should and shouldn’t do, in order to create good EGC. 

EGC is made for the brand, by the brand with the assistance of an experienced content production agency to help guide the process. It has four key advantages.

1.     EGC is relatively affordable as it utilizes the firm’s own staff as much as possible.

2.     EGC is authentic and true to the brand because it is made internally and the messaging rings true across the firm.

3.     Because EGC is made in conjunction with a production agency the quality does not suffer.

4.     EGC involves the employees, they are the filmmakers, writers and the actors and as a result the work is personal and important to them and they tend put in a little extra to make it really work.

The content production agency are on hand to help and advise right from the start to ensure that the production flow is both structured and timely. The brand has access to experienced producers, writers and film makers throughout and can therefore have all their questions answered.

Click2view have already completed a number of EGC projects with great success. The client is always thrilled with the results and the employees find the both process exciting and rewarding.