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Wearable Tech or Gratuitous Fashion References?

February 8, 2014

As a passive follower of the consumer tech world, last week my newsfeeds and various feeds of news were inundated with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The “next big thing” for 2014 seemed to be wearable technology, or #wearabletech as we must of course refer to it. I’m not sure that I’m quite ready to ‘wear’ the technology in my life, but I suppose the swelling tide of progress will eventually see my clothes embedded with metadata and social functionalities. For now the Click2View team were content with using their Friday afternoon to poke a bit of fun at all the hubbub.

The following are an ill-advised series of Vines that we think are much more interesting iterations of #wearabletech. We’re waiting for our call from Vogue to discuss our thoughts on the latest collection of pixel couture.