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Tag: B2B

B2B marketing in Asia: What’s the right social media platform?

Social media is becoming a popular channel for B2B marketing. How do you best utilise these platforms? Finding the right social media platform for your business is always difficult; making it successful is even harder, especially for B2B businesses. Is it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, or Line?… Or a mixture of all? It’s important to […]

December 18, 2019

Streaming multi-camera Switcher Studio into a Zoom meeting

A client asked us if it would be possible to stream an event in Hong Kong to their other regional locations. Initially we thought they’d meant YouTube Live or Facebook Live — no problem. We could easily set that up with Switcher Studio and a multi-camera smartphone set-up. But after several discussions, we learned that […]

December 10, 2019

Click2View is helping Microsoft craft powerful business stories that link products and partners in meaningful ways.

B2B storytelling is important. Using an ad-driven distribution campaign with interesting business content is a key part of B2B content marketing.

October 8, 2019