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The future of e-navigation

Client: The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Project Title: Promotional video about digital maritime services


The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has been working with ST Engineering and Kongsberg Gruppen on developing new digital maritime services to enable safe, secure and efficient shipping through e-navigation.


Create a promotional video to raise awareness about the new digital maritime services and encourage the maritime community to strongly support this digitalisation effort. Some of the benefits of the e-navigation we had to showcase were the reduced administrative work and unprecedented shared situational awareness between ships and shore authorities.


We created a 2D animation video that portrayed a voyage of the Digital Trader vessel from Norway to Singapore and showcased all 16 International Maritime Organisation digital maritime services in action.


The journey of the vessel is narrated by the voiceover artist, and key messages and maritime services are underlined by on-screen graphics and captions. Visually, we incorporated an isometric style to add extra dimension and interesting angles to some scenes.



The video was screened at the International Maritime Organisation meeting and 2020 Singapore Maritime Week, and received positive reviews from the maritime community. It was subsequently posted on the official YouTube channel of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.