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Samsung’s NX Traveller adventure in Korea

Client: Samsung

Project Title: Fuelling Samsung’s NX Traveller


Click2View delivered a strategic content plan for Samsung to coincide with the launch of the NX1 4k DSLR camera and the third instalment of the NX Traveller series. For four months, we worked with Samsung to strategise, create and amplify content to promote and document the brand’s NX Traveller photography adventure in Korea.


Samsung’s marketing concept pushed boundaries from the start: Get some of Southeast Asia’s top professional photographers together with a pool of photo contest winners, they said. Then spend a week visiting the best natural and cultural sites of Korea to take photos with Samsung’s NX500 and new NX1 cameras. The amazing professional photos would then be shared on social media to showcase how well the NX cameras perform.


Click2View created a range of content to showcase the trip. From pre-event to the event itself and afterwards, two multimedia journalists documented the entire journey.

Before the trip we helped Samsung promote the NX Traveller campaign by creating a string of Facebook posts and a promotional video. During the six-day trip in Korea, our multimedia journalists followed the two teams of photographers around the country.

They documented everything on the road using only Samsung cameras as part of our concept to showcase the prowess of the NX1—a key request from our client. Our journalists also wrote daily articles about the trip and took photographs which were posted each day to Samsung’s smart photography website.


We met Samsung’s goal of creating a range of content that energised, inspired and also demonstrated the capabilities and performance of the NX1 camera.

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