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MY World Quarterly preschool magazine

Client: MY World Preschool

Project Title: MY World Quarterly preschool magazine 2016 Issue 1


Founded by Metropolitan YMCA, MY World Preschool brings quality child care and preschool education to the children of today’s world.


Early childhood education is an important area in the development of a child’s life. So keeping parents updated on the curriculum and teachings of their kids’ preschool is imperative. MY World, a preschool quarterly magazine was created to achieve just that. Click2View was tasked with producing such a magazine targeted at both parents and their kids.


Getting the right balance between the fun elements as well as informing parents about the more educational aspects was a challenge.

We paid close attention to the design and layout of the magazine. We wanted to go with a bright colour scheme that would instantly encourage any kids to at least have a flip through the magazine.

We also wanted to make the magazine more visual and include photos of kids enjoying their activities. Perhaps, this could further encourage children to look forward to the myriad of activities that MY World offers in their curriculum.

Meanwhile, we offered in-depth content for the parents and sought to ensure they knew what their children were getting out of their education at MY World. We also wanted it to be an easy read, so we employed the use of pull-out quotes to highlight important information so that parents would be further motivated to read the entire article.

The magazine is divided into different themes like “Heart”, “Home”, and “Haven”, and each quarter we focus on MY World’s quarterly curriculum themes.

The centre spread of the magazine is designed for both parents and their kids to enjoy with a visual spread of fun and free activities. It featured many photos so that both parents and child can look forward to trying out these activities.


Our client was very happy with the end product and is now looking to increase the magazine’s circulation. Celine Lim, the manager of corporate and marketing communications, said: “With simple layout and design adjustments, our magazine has become more vibrant! The content flows much better now, enhancing readability. Thanks for the good work!”

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