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The Journey to Le Mans with Motul

Client: Motul

Project Title: Journey to Le Mans: a Driver’s Story


In 2016, our client Motul engaged Click2View to create content around their sponsorship of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s most prestigious automobile endurance race, held in France.

Motul is a high performance lubricant manufacturer – and one of our longest-running clients. We have worked alongside their Asian bureau to create consistent content as they tilted towards a racing lifestyle brand and source of entertainment for their customers. For the past six years we have filmed stunt videos, animations, direct sell product videos and produced numerous event videos for Motul, each time outdoing the previous content in terms of penetration and audience acceptance.


Motul set our creative team loose. The client wanted to create content around their sponsorship of the 24 Hours of Le Mans event, and their sponsorship of a driver and team from Singapore who had just won a place at the event. The brief was: “Just tell a great story.”


Our response was to create a human-interest story about the Singapore driver and team’s journey to Le Mans. Motul’s audience is primarily motorsports enthusiasts and most racing aficionados know that the Le Mans 24 Hours is the pinnacle of endurance racing. Our research told us that building the storytelling around a driver’s personal story was the best way to go. The team, Clearwater Racing, and driver, Mok Weng Sun, would be carrying the hopes of a nation on their shoulders as they embarked on their Journey to Le Mans – the title of the film.

We decided to film with Clearwater in Korea at the team’s final competitive race before travelling to France, while also filming extensive interviews in Singapore with Mok Weng Sun.

Our crew travelled to France, documenting the build-up to the race and capturing the amazing carnival atmosphere around the event. The Click2View team stayed up to film the entire 24 hours of the race.

Part of our assignment was not only to make the film but to provide PR services. Our project Content Director distributed photography and an article to The Straits Times and Fox International Channels, securing positive press coverage for Motul and the story.

Check out the full film.


The film met with a fantastic response. Motul was very happy with the production and it was a big hit on their channels. The film has had more than 100,000 views on Motul’s YouTube channel and aligned the brand with an authentic and newsworthy story of national pride.

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