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Our Investment in Hypotenuse.ai

September 28, 2022

We’ve covered AI tools in content creation before but we at Click2View have just made our first investment in one such tool: Hypotenuse.ai, a content tech start up. This move was to kickstart a small venture fund focused on the creator economy.

Why we did it?

We believe that the future of content creation, and our work as an agency, will involve a marriage of technology and storytelling.

This is not a gut feeling: 

  • The creator economy is growing ever bigger and this is being driven by content technology and social media platforms.
  • Content creation is in the midst of an ongoing cycle of soft automation that will remove the need for many technical skills leaving the field to creative decision makers.
  • We need to excel in creative decision making and utilising the latest technology to support our storytelling.

What is Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse.ai is an AI-driven writing and illustration tool based in Singapore. 

In short Hypotenuse allows the user to create product descriptions, blog posts or marketing copy by following a series of prompts to enter the topic and keywords. You can specify tone of voice (there’s even a Limited Edition Singlish option) and other parameters. Once the fields are filled in, the software generates the desired content. The new illustration tool works in a similar way. 

“Companies take weeks to prepare for their campaigns — we’re turning it into hours, with content that is unique, fluent and personalised,” says co-founder Joshua Wong.

Wong, a Cambridge computer science grad and his co-founder Lin Hui-Low are already veterans of the tech scene in Asia and have been backed by the legendary Silicon Valley start up accelerator Y-Combinator.

Click2View will help support Hypotenuse as they seek to integrate their product into different workflows. This support will help our teams focus on the end-goal of combining technology and storytelling to support our clients and customers.

This is an exciting space

The changes that are happening in creator economy technology continue to astound. From tools like Descript, which allow you to edit video or audio  as you would a page of text, to some of the innovations from industry standards like Adobe that take tiresome manual tasks and automate them to the press of a few buttons. Then there’s Axios HQ which is changing the way organisations communicate on a fundamental level. Hypotenuse AI is in this class as it offers a new way for writers and content creators to create quality copy and illustrations at scale. 

What our investment means

The biggest picture is that as we embark on this journey to better integrate technology and creativity for our storytelling we will use the fund to engage at the very cutting edge of innovation in the content tech and creator economy space.

We’re starting small, very small, so we will make seed and early stage investments in content tech and creator economy startups. At the current scale we might expect to make one a year.

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