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Motul Making Waves With Branded Content

April 24, 2014

Motul Commissioned 8-part video series with Click2View in a bid to create consistent, on-brand content for their online channels.

Click2View began working with Motul in 2013 when the company approached us with the intention of creating a new corporate brand-film for their Asia-Pacific markets. The project was proposed to document and promote their Vietnam facility which would help in lowering the cost of product shipping and delivery to Asia-Pacific now that product did not have to be shipped from the main factory in France. Click2View assigned a research team to find the story behind the brief before sending in a production crew to interview the relevant people and capture stunning footage that was then cut down into a 3-minute brand-film.

While the ‘corporate video’ is a usual request from brands, Motul quickly realised the potential of providing video content, especially releasing consistent content on their online channels. We next moved into a conversation about potential video series where a product range could be promoted in a fun, light-hearted manner perfect for short-form content to be released on YouTube and used during events.

Tackling product facts in what was deemed a fictional environment was challenging and certainly not without its difficulties, but once a format was decided upon the rest of the content was produced quickly, highlighting the importance of the development and pre-production process Click2View uses. Now Motul are halfway through their second video series which focuses on animation rather than live-action.

Aside from video-series, Motul have branched out into other content such as event-videos, product demos and client case studies and are reaping the benefits by educating their consumers on the products, technology, and terminology to help them better understand what it is they’re buying. Also by releasing content at a consistent rate it helps brands identify themselves as active rather than passive, involved in their market and aware of industry trends, needs and wants.