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Martial Law in Bangkok: Just Another Day On The Job For Click2View

April 23, 2014

Things were hotting up in Thailand this week and C2V were in the thick of it, when, on the morning of a shoot in Bangkok, our team woke up to find martial law had been declared. Luckily it was a very Thai state of affairs and almost everything was business as usual.

One of our crew for the day was fielding calls from news outlets looking for camera operators but as you may have seen from the repeated footage across the evening news there was actually not that much to see. There were about two shots on the BBC that looked vaguely exciting, and they were of some grunts marching up steps.

Anyway, we got on with the job and completed it as per normal with a happy client. However we are not complacent about these things and you can be assured this is not the first time our team has had to deal with potentially hostile environments.

When working in hostile environments C2V uses experience and training to make judgements about what we can do for a client, what precautions to take and when to call it a day. That experience includes work in Baghdad during the insurgency following the Iraq War and Afghanistan during the War on Terror.

So be assured that when you work with us in potentially hostile environments, we apply sound, careful and experienced judgement about everything we do.