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Making Interviews Interesting at Akamai

July 3, 2014

One of the most common video content types we make at Click2View are the “talking heads” – senior execs from a company speaking about their industry/ products/ solutions/ stuff. When large B2B companies commission this content there’s often a lot to say, making the videos long and dull for audiences.

This was not the case at Akamai, and the brief for their 3-part video series on Web Security was to create engaging, interesting content that also looked professional and credible. With two seasoned Akamai experts prepped for camera, Click2View brought in a Director to steer the shoot, plan the narrative and create visual sequences that surpassed your average office b-roll and the ‘flying data’ stock video.

The result was a series of three videos that are visually interesting, made the most of the Akamai execs’ knowledge, and ultimately drove traffic to branded web properties that provide further content and information on the company’s web security solutions.