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If you think you knew everything, think again

March 10, 2017
By Neal Moore, Executive Content Director

Buffer has released the definitive guide to the metric matrix of social video. Three seconds of attention is all you need for viewing success, but the true measure is holding eyeballs for just a further seven seconds. Does three seconds even count as a thumbstop? Read more.

If you want some more tips, No Film School gives their best advice on grabbing attention in the first five seconds. Read more.

The four themes of video advertising excellence in Singapore, as gleaned from YouTube’s top 10 ads in H2, 2016. Song and dance, local heroes, Ads for all ages and cliffhanger plots. Glad to see some content rising to the top here. HT DBS Sparks. Read more.

You’ve got to love an advertising pundit who writes intelligently and thoughtfully about the dark arts. So it’s great to see Mumbrella licensing British advertising legend Dave Trott’s column. Looking forward to more. Read more.

La La Land may have missed out on the best film Oscar but it’s precocious young director Damien Chazelle has a few tips for putting your whole team in the zone for creating some period magic in this Vanity Fair piece. Read More.

Documentary has always seemed to me to be a cinematographer’s art. It is the purest connection between actuality, performance, lens and eye. One of the best, Kirsten Johnson, who has been creating remarkable docs for yearm, has now allowed that eye to be turned on her with award-winning consequences. Read more.

“There’s an awful lot of mystique about it (screenwriting), which isn’t really true,” says Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss. That statement alone makes his BAFTA interview this year essential viewing for aspiring writers. Read more.

For home-grown insights on digital trends you can’t look past Singapore’s Simon Kemp for his annual digital report. This year he cashes in on the social and mobile bets he made in business. Read more. 

And what we Click2Viewers have been saying…

Me, myself and I. As many of you know I took last year off. I’m back now as the executive content director of Click2View, leading a new team that is already wowing clients across the region. I’ll report on that soon enough but I wasn’t wasting my time last year. Here’s what I got up to. Read more.

Evergreen DJ and C2V commercial director Mack Hampson, a massive UFC fan, is always fighting in quality’s corner. Here he makes a cogent argument for quality over quantity. Read more.  

We’d love to make a musical one day and we’re lucky to have an aficionado in our midst in content advisor Juliette Derosiaux. She’s not a fan of La La Land. Here’s why. It’s not pretty. Read more.