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How to use Google’s Micro-moments to create travel content

May 20, 2017

By Simon Kearney, CEO

Travel is a must-have experience in the 21st Century and destination videos are becoming increasingly important. Not just for tourism generally, but for all the associated businesses involved in tourism.

Visa Solo Traveller series, is a travel destination program that is designed to encourage cross-border payments. It was born of some Visa research that identified solo female travellers as the world’s newest travel segment.

The research was picked up by The New York Times and the video series has been picked up by the likes of Huffington Post and as a destination film in-flight on Singapore Airlines.

With our travel content we use a methodology that is a combination of research by Google and Amadeus, both clients of Click2View.

We’ve produced a matrix that allows us to match the Google micromoment with the buyer using Amadeus’ Traveller Tribes research to know what is the right piece of content to serve at the right time.

We use a matrix methodology in content creation to match micro moments with audience types.

We’ve been working with Amadeus for a while promoting their traveller tribes research with a multinational series of videos identifying individuals from each “tribe”.

The videos, like the one below worked particularly well. Of the China episode our client said: “It certainly achieved the objective to build our position as a thought leader in China.”

Made well, without overt promotion by the commissioning brand, travel content suits co-funding arrangements whereby the content is licensed to other non-competing brands who then share the credit.

A perfect example of this collaboration is this one between Trip Advisor and Visa, which gave extra visibility to the content we created an environment where people are ready to be inspired for their next getaway with great content ideas.

This is a perfect example of how to respect your audience and not chase them around the web, but understand micro-moments and serve content where they want it.

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