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How businesses can take up Content Marketing, with C2V’s co-founder Neal Moore

July 24, 2019

Maybe you’ve heard some claims about content marketing — like it may replace some traditional media tactics. You’re intrigued, but you still don’t understand how you can apply it to your existing business model.

Speaking on Money FM about Content Marketing this week, Click2View’s co-founder and Storytelling Consultant at Moore’s Lore Media, Neal Moore, introduced us to the key fundamentals of this trending technique.

Unlike Advertising, which Moore wittily compared to a sprint, content marketing is more of a marathon — and the best way to start would be by knowing your audience.

“Right now, one of the handicaps of digital marketing is that people have become so reliant on dashbots and Survey Monkey and things like that, I feel like we’ve forgotten to go and talk to our customers,” he said.

Physical interaction is what allows businesses to deliver on their target audience’s needs and priorities; which brings Moore to his next point.

Citing Joe Pulizzi’s book, Epic Content Marketing, the first commandment is being able to ‘fill a need’. This all comes down to the audience, and the job of a content marketer would of course be to listen.

And with competition so stiff, businesses must stand out when it comes to vying for the attention of their customers. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a big budget! In fact, it’s really more about finding an edge, and making the best use of their own resources.

In order to succeed with content marketing, businesses must go in with the intention of creating the best content possible for their audience.

For more, listen to the podcast here.