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Favourite cocktails for Singapore Marketers

December 1, 2015

It’s Tuesday and December, time to think about Christmas festivities.

Last week we found out which bars Singapore’s content marketers like to drink in, this week we’re looking at what they like to drink.

Now it’s safe to assume that a beer, a glass of wine or a G&T are the most likely things to disappear down most throats during an after work jolly. But if you want to understand a little more about someone’s personality, their favourite cocktail speaks volumes.

Here’s a selection of Singapore’s best and brightest content marketers talking about their favourite tipples. If you drink these cocktails, you will become like them, should that be your desire.

Lauren Hendry-Parsons, Account director at AKA –  A Dark and stormy
Ingredients: dark rum and ginger beer
‘It’s perfect in cold or hot weather –  and the spicy sweetness of the ginger beer balances  perfectly with the freshness of the lime and dark spicy rum. ‘
Shamila Gopalan – Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist Officer at Catlyst/TV
Negroni; It’s simple and it locks a punch!
Ingredients: Gin, Vermouth, Campari and a twist of orange peel
Nick Fawbert, Managing Director Asia Brand New Media

‘I like a Moscow Mule, but only if it is served in a copper mug’ (believe it or not, that is the traditional way to serve it!)
Ingredients: Vodka, ginger beer and lime juice.
Andrea Edwards, Director, Content Marketing & Training
Novus Asia  – Cosmopolitan!
‘We had it as our wedding drink, and we lost 10 people on the beach before dinner. Powerful and pink’.
Ingredients: vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice
Don Anderson – Regional Managing Director at We Are Social
‘Whisky Coke. Has to be Canadian Club though, and not because it’s Don Draper’s favourite mixer. It’s an Anderson Family tradition’
Ingredients – Whiskey and Coke (you can have lime if you like but that’s just weird!)
Henry Adams – Founding Partner at Contented Content Creation & Marketing
‘ Got to be a Vodka Martini with pearl onions instead of olives’
Simon Kearney – CEO and Editor in Chief of Click2View
‘A bloody Mary…because it’s kinda healthy, tasty and no one blinks if you have one at lunchtime!’
This is how they serve it at The Spiffy Dapper on Amoy street where this snap was taken.
The fact that Spiffy’s is about six doors down from our office is purely a coincidence.
Neal Moore, blogger/podcaster/indie producer and co-founder of Click2View
‘Whisky Sour cos it sounds manly but tastes sweet.’

And me? Well, my tastes are simple. When I was 12 years old I accidentally picked up a glass of whiskey next to my mum, and thinking it was apple juice, sank the contents in one swig.

‘Bloody hell mum, that’s disgusting, how can you drink that?’ I berated her after downing a gallon of water.

To which my dear mother, who chose to have children in an attempt to grow herself a team of drinking partners, replied without flinching.

‘Try it with soda!’ 

And it’s been like water off a ducks back ever since! That being said there is one important rule with scotch and soda. You must always use a good quality blended whiskey; my favourite blend is Monkey Shoulder. It really doesn’t work with a single malt and there isn’t time to explain why.

Scotch and soda is not just my favourite cocktail, it is in fact my favourite drink…period!

But for God’s sake; DON’T PUT ICE IN IT!!!

And if you’d like to actually see some of these folks quaffing their drinks and pick their brains about the world of Content Marketing in Singapore… why not pop along to the Asian Content Marketing Association’s birthday party, tomorrow night by clicking on this link?

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