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Employee-Generated Content – The Future of Internal Communications

by Simon Kearney, Co-Founder & MD

July 6, 2015

We had an epiphany a couple of years ago about the cost of production versus the ease of making films with mobile phones and free software. The CEO at a big client made a film with his daughter over one weekend with a phone and some desktop editing software. The next week an edict came down through his company’s head of communications that the amount of money they were spending on video production for internal communications was ridiculous – given that he could make a film easily enough himself with the most basic tools. 

Our initial reaction was, “Yes, but…” (picture much cursing and general groaning). Thankfully, the fearful response was quickly replaced by a smarter one.

It is true that professional tools of film-making are now in the hands of anyone who wants to make a film. We had to learn to understand what we brought to the process. Think pens and authors, chisels and sculptors.

After some soul searching, it was not the expensive cameras and editing software, it was the experience and professionalism that we could contribute. The same knowledge that has got us out of a million tight spots when the light wasn’t right, or the talent was terrible, or someone forget to bring the wide angle lens. An inspired amateur chef will make a great meal with the right ingredients, recipe and a kitchen, a Michelin-starred chef will do the same, better, eight times over, with one pan, in a quarter of the time – with a hangover. And that’s why companies like Click2View continue to thrive in these days of mobile phone cameras and citizen journalism.

Employee-generated content was born that day back in 2013 (for us at least, the term had been coined earlier). We went back to the client with a big, emphatic yes. We took the CEO’s idea and created a product that has since won us awards, and, more importantly, has never let a client down since.

Employee-generated content is created by the client. We provide the professional advice, training and post-production that turns it from (what would best be described as) an undergraduate effort and makes it something that is worthy of the big screen at the annual all-hands town hall meeting. What’s even better is that the engagement levels are off the scale. We could spend five times as much with actors and a top-flight director without the same response.

Not only that Click2View will train your people to do the work, which is incredible skills training regardless. We will take your ideas and tell you what’s possible for your budget and what should be left to James Cameron or Steven Spielberg. Once you’ve created your film we will then use all of the tricks of the trade to turn it into something that stops people in their tracks.

Take a look at this film we created to show anyone how to shoot a scene.

We achieved the CEO’s goals. His people began doing the work themselves. Costs fell drastically. The unexpected benefit was the uptick in engagement.

Employee-generated content has become one of Click2View’s most successful products. We have rolled it out with clients such as Citibank, Visa and Google. Contact me on [email protected] if you would like to know more about employee-generated content.