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COVID 19 impacts events – five suggestions

February 18, 2020

“Avoid crowded places and external venues,” is the advice. But what about pre-planned events? Do they go to waste?

The novel coronavirus, nCoV-2019 / COVID-19, has caused a large number of events to be cancelled or postponed. This is unavoidable given the circumstances.

Sharing some content online, either live streaming or pre-made, is one way to make up for it. This may also help alleviate any uncertainty created by the ongoing crisis. We’ve compiled a list of five content suggestions to make up for your event’s cancelation or postponement due to COVID-19.

1. Keep your keynote speaker.

Instead of the seminar you were going with, you can keep the session really small and private with your keynote via a fireside chat — either recorded in person (and uploaded later) — or perhaps even online via video conferencing tools if your keynote is not in the same city.

2. Create a slide share.

For events that have scaled down, or even become ‘closed door’, you can still reach a wider audience with a slide share that encompasses your key communications goals from the event. You can easily leverage social media channels like LinkedIn to post these.

3. Use motion graphics and animation.

You might not be getting their attention in person, and maybe you’re not keen on live streaming — but it’s still important to the attention of your targeted audience.

In this case, go visual: motion graphics and animation. Create a quick explainer get your message across. No sweat at all.

4. Hold a Q&A session addressing the most urgent / important issues

Q&A sessions are good at engaging people. If you use a platform for people to ask their questions in real-time, either verbally or through a live chat, you’re bound to get interesting answers. And the simple format allows for a short prep time.

5. Host webinars around event topics

If there’s no way to have your audience physically present, then they can always be digital, from wherever they are. Digital webinars are the perfect solution then. You still get your message across, and in a safe way!

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