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Click2Brew: C2V Gets Its Very Own Craft Beer!

April 22, 2013

At Click2View we never miss an opportunity to demonstrate our personality. So when there was talk of us having our own beer this seemed like a perfect opportunity to do just that.

The Beer

Although we are a dynamic, daring and bold group of individuals, we are also very busy and do not actually have the time to brew our own beer. Brewing is a skilled process, it can be messy, time consuming and expensive. Better then to leave it to the experts and who better than our good friends at Jungle Beer? Ari the master brewer helped us out with two of his finest ales (after some good time was spent ‘quality testing’ the product)

The Name

Okay, so you’ve got a beer, but what do you call it? We spent a good amount of time scratching our heads over this one and some pretty strange suggestions were floating about. However, in the end we opted for labels that would reflect the company’s home at the Golden Wall Centre on Short Street. This is where we are based and we’re all pretty fond of the old tangerine coloured building, not to mention its great location near Little India, Lasalle, Bugis and Sim Lim. So, with this in mind we chose; Golden Wall Ale and Short Street Punch.

Golden wall Ale is a pale ale, very easy to drink, quite yeasty but very very smooth. Short Street Punch is an altogether fruitier brew made with Mangos, perfect for a warm summer drink after a long day’s content making. Alexis, our graphics genius, created two super cool labels for the beer sporting the ‘Click2Brew’ logo and the job was done. All that remains is to drink it…oh well.

We also think it’s a lovely thing to give to our clients, something to remember us by.

So there you have it Click2View does Click2Brew. A fun idea that reflects our ideas, our offices and hows off the great work of one of our valued clients. Come by and share a bottle with us, you won’t be disappointed.

We work in an office which has its own craft beer…do you?