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Best Bars for Content Marketers in Singapore

November 18, 2015

By Tom Radford, Director of Innovation

The best content of all is the contents of the glass! 

We’re hearing a lot about content marketing, but where do you find these people if you want to talk to them? Well, I can’t speak for them all but if you want to rub shoulders with the likes of Don Anderson from We Are Social, Nick Fawbert from Brand New Media, Neal Moore and Simon Kearney from Click2View or Simon Cholmeley from Novus Asia, here’s four of our favourite watering holes where you might just run into them. If you’re very lucky you might catch the rare Nick Licence from Dentsu Ageis Network, but that’s only a rumour.

Gem Bar

The old standby, Gem Bar on Club Street is the standard ‘after work drinks’ spot for marketers, agencies and the like and has been for the last five years. It’s a fairly quite spot, no whistles and bells but the conversations taking place upon the tables and chairs out side this bar are changing the world of Content Marketing across Singapore and Asia. Sit back, watch the beautiful people of Singapore’s agency land shuffle by and listen to the ambient chirping of marketers talking about ‘Inbound marketing in Asia’ or ‘Spikes Asia’ or something about Content on Wednesdays. Definitely worth a visit; a lovely cold pint of Asahi will help you digest it all.

Club Meatballs

Claiming to have the longest ‘Happy Hour’ in Singapore, Club Meatballs on China Square Central is a chic and fun place to talk shop over a Pint of Hoegaarden or a nice crisp Sauvignon. If you’re lucky you might even run into regulars like Lauren Hendry Parsons, Singapore’s own PR force of nature, or Andrea Edwards from Novus Asia. When those two get chatting it’s not exactly ambient background noise, but these ladies are on the pulse so beware if you decide to sidle up to them waving a business card. What I like about Meatballs is that they’re chilled out as hell and open for a cheeky lunchtime pint (unlike most of Club Street) should you fancy one. As the name suggests they also do a mean meatball sub.

My Awesome Café

Great, healthy food and easily the best pint of London Pride on the Island, My Awesome Café is right in the beating heart of agency land on historic Telok Ayer Street. Many a marketer’s meeting that started off in sober earnest has ended up on the metal stools and barrels outside this place. You can smoke a cigar outside whilst enjoying a plate of cheese and some poor marinated animal, what a delight. A favourite haunt of the guys from Click2View, Landor and occasionally the lesser-spotted Outbrain has been known to roost there.  Seriously though, it’s no coincidence that My Awesome Café is shortened to MAC…it’s a place to find creatives, media experts and marketers at play.

Park Bench Deli

Our favourite. Yes this is currently the top watering hole of the guys at Click2View. Park Bench Deli at 179 Telok Ayer Street (practically opposite My Awesome Café) is an American style diner but don’t let that put you off. Yes, it’s true they make amazing sandwiches, the likes of which you rarely find in Singapore, and yes they have other food items but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. I’m talking about beer. These guys pull some of the meanest pints on the Island. Their Pilsner and the other one, I think it’s called ‘Dead Guy’ but that may of just been the bar staff making fun of me, are both delicious and Moorish. Run by a burly American who’s infectious smile is only partially hidden by a piercing, this place is just nice and relaxed. Don’t be surprised to see the occasional Simon Kearney, Neal Moore or even myself, stopping off for vitals during our daily migration home. If you want to talk content marketing, or just try to forget it exists…stop by here of an evening and they offer oodles of both!