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AIA Encourages A Healthier Singapore Workforce With Humorous Video Series

November 21, 2018
Click2View AIA video

AIA Singapore has launched a tongue-in-cheek video series focusing on health and productivity in the workplace.

Written and produced by content marketing agency Click2View, the three videos demonstrate the hyperbolized contrast between a healthy and unhealthy workplace, and how it affects employee productivity, teamwork and individual mental and physical well-being.

“With this video series, AIA Singapore shares our promise to help people live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives in a more light-hearted way. We believe that when you’re healthier, you can get more out of life and experience more. Living an active and meaningful life is about being able to spend time with your loved ones for longer.  A better life is about living life to the fullest and enjoying the rewards of your hard work,” says Ms Ho Lee Yen, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of AIA Singapore.

AIA Singapore is committed to making a difference in customers’ lives through innovative solutions that goes beyond the traditional insurance model and continuously invest in Singaporeans’ health. Initiatives include AIA Vitality, a first-in-market behavioural science backed wellness programme that encourages customers to make better choices and improve lifestyle behaviours for positive health outcomes, and a partnership with Medix to offer Personal Medical Case Management Services (PMCM) to customers.  AIA Singapore’s comprehensive healthcare proposition focuses on providing quality healthcare and customer experience.

The first video features a frustrated boss who finds himself working alone in the office because all his staff are on medical leave. He then struggles to do the job without his team.

“Asia loves emotional, “sadvertising” videos,” says Artur Akhmetzyanov, commercial director at Click2View and a co-writer of the series.

“We decided to take an alternative comic perspective on the topic of corporate wellness. Inspired by Wes Anderson visual aesthetics, we wanted to showcase a healthy workplace full of energetic, happy, cooperative employees who treat colleagues and customers well. On the other hand, an unhealthy workplace results in many people taking sick days, being sleepy, angry, and unproductive. As a stand-up comedian, I am happy to see more clients willing to add humour to their brand storytelling.”

Watch the two other videos about creating a healthy and active workforce and encouraging employees to get adequate sleep.

Click2View was also recently appointed the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s content marketing agency.