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5 Things We Learned At This Year’s Oscars

March 27, 2014

Awards season has finally come to an end with Marketing Magazine’s PR Awards in Singapore and the Oscars in LA. Sadly Click2View didn’t win at either but we were just happy to be nominated along with our lovely client Visa for Best Employee Engagement…at the PR Awards, not the Oscars. However we swapped our dinner jackets for our pajamas and curled up on the sofa to watch Hollywood’s biggest night and here’s what we learned…

1. Authenticity Is In

From J-Law’s third public tumble (the last in a trilogy?) to Ellen’s pizza order (the quintessential everyman meal) to Brad Pitt’s pizza-eating (trying too hard?) to the ultimate I’m-Just-A-Regular-Person-I-Don’t-Need-My-Publicist’s-Permission statement, THAT selfie.

2. Conspiracies Are Also In

Maybe because the celebs were trying so hard to convince us of their everyday folksiness, some people (me!) are starting to ask questions. I mean, did J-Law fall or was she pushed by her PR team? Did Samsung plant the selfie-that-changed-the-world or did it just happen? Did Coca-Cola manage to “hack” the Oscars with their little logos on the side of the pizza boxes? Or did no one other than those in the marketing industry freakin’ notice?! ANSWERS MUST BE FOUND!

3. J-Law Is Out, Lupita Is In

Much as it pains me to say it the fickle spotlight of favour has already moved on from all American girl Jennifer Lawrence to the more “exotic” Luptia Nyong’o who I’m sure is waiting on the edge of her seat for Christian Dior, Gucci and L’Oreal to come knocking – cos she’s worth it, right?

3a. J-Law Is Out And Yet Still In

She’s just too relatable to be completely relegated, hence she still made our list and almost every other one going, albeit in place behind Lupita.

4. Marketers Have Lost Their Minds

The Twittersphere (kill me, kill me now!) was alive with the sound of intra-industry back-slapping as marketers, agencies and those people on Linked In with the vague job-title Visionary Business Leader congratulated each other on Samsung’s alleged success with the Oscars selfie (although Ellen DeGeneres was tweeting from her iPhone all night), which crashed Twitter and which at no point featured or mentioned Samsung! Well done guys, can’t wait to see the March sales figures!

5. John Travolta Can’t Read

It is quite astonishing that a man paid millions to read lines for a living couldn’t manage to pronounce Idina Menzel’s name right…from an autocue! You’re an actor for Scientology’s sake, learn the bloody name if you can’t read it! Now Travolta has sparked a cottage industry in online games that Travoltify your name; try one here.

Noah Moozure, Co-Founder & CEO, Click2View