Mediacorp: A Media Perception Problem

Client: Mediacorp

Project Title: Employer branding campaign


When our client Mediacorp approached us with a perception problem, we were happy to help. As Singapore’s longest-running and number one broadcaster, the media giant first began radio broadcasts in 1936 and television in 1963. Today, Mediacorp has over 50 products and brands in four languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil), reaching out to virtually every Singaporean.


Their perception as a stuffy, state-run Singapore national institution had become a perceived problem within the organisation.

The brief we received from the marketing team was: To target existing and potential employees and change their perception from one of ‘traditional state-run media agency’ to ‘dynamic multimedia company intent on inspiring and engaging with the nation’.


In response to Mediacorp’s creative brief, we developed the following content strategy:

You can view Mediacorp’s Instagram and examples of the LinkedIn articles we created.


This Mediacorp campaign improved overall rankings for the group and achieved excellent results LinkedIn, with a growth rate of 5.68% between March to June. In the same period, Mediacorp’s Facebook presence rose 4.3%, which equated to 1,530 new users. Their Instagram growth rate jumped to 51.37%, with 505 new users.