Erik Magelssen is part of our Content Director team, specialising in digital. This means Erik handles all amplification strategies which occur in the post-production phase of production.

He helps our clients get their content in front of the right customers on the most effective platform or channel.

He is also building a digital marketing roadmap for Click2View. He manages and improves online content, develops SEO and social distribution strategies, implements Google Analytics and tracks ROI and KPI’s on client campaigns. Plus, he’s Google AdWords certified.

Erik comes with a strong artistic background after running his own company as a photographer in Los Angeles. His portfolio included studio, portrait, celebrity and fashion photography. He moved to Singapore in 2014, where he has specialised in content production, digital development, film directing and social analytics.

An avid adventure sports enthusiast, in his free time he travels the world, hangs out in coffee bars and dreams of base jumping in a wing suit. He’s also a proud cat dad.