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September 05, 2019

Skincare empowerment, Nigerian youth unemployment and serving the unbanked

Catching up with the latest branded content releases for the last few weeks, including some of our own work (clearly marked) but otherwise the best we’ve found around the traps.

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Still wondering what blockchain and AI can actually be used for in day-to-day life? Oracle’s latest video shows how these technologies are helping Filipino families in rural areas access financial services.

We’ve contribute more to the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy website, Global-is-Asian. In two long-form pieces, we discuss the South China Sea Truth Movement and its implications for the region, plus a detailed look on the effect of toxic air quality on Low-to-Middle-Income countries.

General Electric, better known as GE these days, has a long history with artists contributing to the group’s marketing. Norman Rockwell, whose illustrations became synonymous with Americana, painted posters for GE. Before Dr Seuss inspired the love of rhyme in children he created ads like “The Strange Case of Adlebert Blump” for the business. Even Slaughterhouse Five author, Kurt Vonnegut, honed his story-telling skills working on GE content.

Skincare brand SK-II has partnered with investigative journalist, Katie Couric. Instead of a hard hitting expose on the claims made by skincare products, Couric looks at the pressure placed on women by society and family. The empowering four-part series defines destiny as a choice.

Africa has the largest pool of under-utilised human resources in the world. Look at Nigeria: every year two million graduates have to compete for 500,000 jobs. Online payments platform Stripe tells the story of two Nigerian entrepreneurs on a mission to solve youth unemployment.

United States
The Players Tribune is a media platform featuring content created by professional athletes. Brands are invited to sponsor content. Snickers has created a video combining the concept of ‘hangry’, featuring professional Basketballer Kelly Olynyk, WWE Wrestlers, dress ups and alter egos. Yes, seriously.

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