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Tiktok Unboxed

Client: Tiktok

Project Title: Tiktok Unboxed


We had worked previously with TikTok for Business on their Creative Excellence Session, and they were impressed with our work. This led us to a recommendation to a separate department, which then engaged us for TikTok Unboxed.


TikTok for Business wanted to create a vertical focused event consisting of a series of webinars clients of various industries. The series would showcase audience and content insights, as well as tips and best practices for brands on how to hold successful TikTok campaigns.


We were engaged to create the opening segment and introduction presentation for the webinar event.


This time, unlike the TikTok Creative Excellence project, the concept had been decided on before we were contacted. TikTok sent us a set of presentation slides to be included in the video which we re-designed and animated to better complement the presentation. Aside from that, we were also involved in the filming and post-production.




Even though we had to work within a tight deadline of 4 days, we managed to pull through and create a dynamic yet informative piece.


Our client was very pleased with the end product, and we were told that those that saw the video responded well to it.