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Barclays 3 Point Perspective


Client: Barclays

Project: Barclays 3 Point Perspective



Headquartered in London, Barclays is a British multinational universal bank and provides financial services in areas such as retail, corporate and investment banking.


Publishing thought leadership pieces is one of the ways to establish brand authority. Given its long history and expertise, Barclays has proven itself to be one of the leaders in the financial industry, and their thought-leadership content hub reaffirms that.

Barclays approached us to assist them with this endeavour. The aim of these pieces is to offer new perspectives about the challenges and opportunities affecting governments and economies around the world. Most importantly, they wanted these articles to appeal to investors while still being easily understood by the general public.


To ensure that these articles on complex situations are easily digested, each feature is delivered in three key chapters — hence the name ‘3 Point Perspective’.

The article topics were chosen based on in-depth market research conducted by the internal Barclays team, or from collecting thoughts and opinions from experts in the industry. 

In writing the thought leadership pieces, we worked closely with Barclays Head of Brand and Marketing to delineate the three points for each article. Once the points were agreed upon, we commenced writing. We also decided what charts or graphs best suit the content and our graphics team designed them according to the branding guidelines.   

We also created custom carousels, gifs and images as social posts for paid amplification campaigns across social media such as Linkedin and Twitter. Doing so ensures that the article has a wider reach and the post is visually attractive for the audience to click to the original article.  


The articles for the content hub can be found here and the graphics for its socials are as follows:


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