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September 20, 2019

Ford haters, mini sports stars and gas turbine repairs

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Former CIA agent Valerie Plame whose name is known for all the wrong reasons is running for Congress and she has a kick ass video. Looking at it though there’s plenty of lessons for that ‘wow’ factor with limited resources. One epic scene, snappy editing, edgy graphics and some stock footage and what you have is a great promo.

Every kid wants to emulate their hero on the sports field. National Australia Bank took this idea a step further, dressing a few lucky kids up as their sports heroes — beards and all. For non-Australian readers, the sport is Aussie Rules, otherwise known as Aerial Ping Pong.

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Taking on your social media critics makes for great content. Ford invited some of their online haters to drive its vehicles really fast. All under the supervision of a stunt driver of course.

Everyone knows how gas turbines operate right? Well, for the few that don’t, GE asked one of its engineers to take us through the repair process. It involves welding and lasers.

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Wolf of Wall Street portrayed the world of investing as one big boy’s club, and it’s not far from the truth. It took a woman to notice that women live longer than men and need a different retirement plan. Using Salesforce, Ellevest is changing the way women invest for their future.

Losing her eyesight at age 14 inspired IBM Researcher, Chieko Asakawa to hold on to her independence. She’s spent her career at IBM designing technology that helps the visually impaired live their life. Her latest project utilises the AI tech in Watson.