2017 has been called the year of video but in actual fact video has been in the ascendancy for the last five years. This trend will continue. That's why it is so important to get your video production right. Click2View's content director for video, Jeremy Mackie, has made Hollywood movies and global television commercials. He is a director, cinematographer and writer in his own right. Want to know more about what we can do drop Jeremy an email here.


You don't have to have kids to know the reason why animation is such a powerful form of communication. It's strength lies in it's ability to hold people's attention. That is why it is such an important tool for brands to use when communicating. Most often used in explainer videos, or animated infographics, animation also grabs people's attention, which is useful in an age when content discovery is extremely competitive. Our animation lead Darren Tan has a wealth of experience grabbing attention producing animated television promotions for Fox Sports. For a quote or more information drop Darren an email here


Click2View’s CEO Simon Kearney was a senior newspaper reporter and editor for two decades in Australia. He covered national politics for years, roamed the outback reporting on indigenous affairs, and toured the hotspots of Asia Pacific before starting Click2View. His view on brand storytelling is that you probably don’t know how many good stories you have sitting right under your nose. Click2View has been set up to try and find these stories and tell them as well as we can. Why not email Simon here to find out more.

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